Contractor Management

Contractor Management in Australia

Do you need a better system for managing the contractors that comes to your site to work? We are an Australian company and our contractor management is built in Australia for Australian companies and Australian legal requirements. We have consulted with Chief Operating and Chief Management executives at some of Australia’s largest companies to discover what companies need for their contractor management programs and you’ll find it all in our fully integrated solution.

Contractor Management is a risk management solution that helps increase safety and quality at sites where work is performed by contractors who don’t go through your normal on-boarding processes.


Are you exposed to PCBU risks?

We’ve discovered that the biggest driver for contractor management is to reduce risk and the cost of that risk and it is particularly important for organisations who are going through the self insurance process or organisations that need to be assessed annually to maintain their accreditation (like hospitals). Another huge driver is the Work, Health and Safety laws relating to accidents and the “personal” liability that sites on the shoulders of every PCBU (Safework Australia – Interpretive guideline – PCBU)

As part of this process site administrators need to demonstrate how they deliver their due diligence to workers who come to their site and this is usually delivered via a site induction where risks are highlighted and policies are reinforced AND agreed to.

Site inductions can be delivered via online training platforms but there is a better way.

Use Our Compliance Team – no extra cost

Once you start using our system for your contractor management you’ll also realise the cost savings from the time your staff will save by not having to do as much compliance work – they can get on with the work at hand. When your suppliers insurances and registrations are reaching expiry they’ll automatically receive email alerts informing them that they are running out of time to upload the new evidence. If credentials expire your suppliers workers will not be able to sign in at the kiosk (unless you really want them to).

You’ll also have access to our team to make contact with your suppliers on your behalf to followup on any compliance evidence you need from them – we work for you!