EzyAccess Contractor Management

Fundamental Contractor Management is about the performance of your suppliers, that they are delivering the products and services they are contracted to supply. The term Contractor however is confusing because it refers to both:

  • the company that supplies services to your site, and
  • a worker who comes to your site to perform work.

If this contractor performs regular maintenance it may include that a member of the contractor company visiting your site(s) each month to perform preventative maintenance work. The first step in providing these services is ensuring that the Contractor is compliant with their insurances, qualifications and licences.

Contractor Compliance

To most people Contractor Compliance means

  • Public Liability,
  • WorkCover,
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Company Licences

These documents are commonly referred to as Credentials and although these are the most common, contractor compliance credentials can also involve supplying SWMS for all the work they perform at your site and other documents that the site requires. Many of these credentials expire and need to be renewed so it is important to ensure that these are up-to-date when a contractor visitors your site.

Features of a Contractor Management System

Although contractor compliance is a fundamental requirement for all contractors and sites, it is an administration task that is often overlooked in the pursuit of generating sales and revenue for suppliers. This compliance is important to suppliers when they are tendering to win your contract but sometimes overlooked after the sale and in the delivery of the contracted services – this is of course a generalisation as many top performing companies place a high priority on compliance.

These are some features that are part of our core contractor management compliance services.

Supplier (Contractor) Registration Invitations

Some of your suppliers may already be certified by EzyAccess for their company credentials so they simply need to Connect to your site. If any of your suppliers are not yet registered with EzyAccess they can Register their company from the public site OR you can send them a Supplier Invitation.

By sending them a Supplier Invitation you can see when they register and if your site has adopted the Site Pay payment method you can send them the funds required for them to register.

Supplier (Contractor) Connection Notification

When a supplier registers they are then able to perform some general tasks to demonstrate their compliance with the main company credentials (ie. upload insurance, licences and any registrations). The company then has the capacity to connect to your site to start the contractor management relationship by adding staff members (this may be a person who is already registered as a supplier Corporate Admin) and then uploading Shared Documents and connecting more staff members.

When a Site Connection is made a notification email is sent to your Site Admins.

Supplier Compliance

You can customise exactly what you require of contracted suppliers and their staff. If you want it to be a requirement that the contractor companies upload their SWMS then they will not officially be connected to your site until these are uploaded and verified.

When you require contractor staff to be compliant you can specify exactly what you want them to upload and once more only when all credential requirements are fulfilled will that staff member be fully credentialed to perform work at your site(s).

Visual Verification and Expiry

When any credential is uploaded by the Contractor Company (Corporate Admin) or a staff Member it goes in a queue for our Compliance Team to visually verify. The the credential has an expiry date this date is entered by our compliance team when the credential is approved.

If a credential is declined a notification is sent to the Supplier (Corporate) Admin and a reason is provided. You can see this information in your Site Admin using the hazard symbol to display that the credential has not yet been approved.

At all times, as a Site Administrator, you can see all of the compliance information about any Connected individual on one screen. When you then go to the actual company compliance page you will once again see ALL compliance information on one screen.

Our Compliance Team is Your Compliance Team

Many Site Admin customers like using EzyAccess to have access to the compliance team. Our team not only provides verification of uploaded credentials but are also available to support your suppliers to navigate around the EzyAccess system. If a supplier has a number of staff to add and upload their compliance credentials our Compliance Team are available to support this process.

If your Site is new to the EzyAccess system our Compliance Team will become your resource to help all of your suppliers become compliant on our system. We’ll be proactive in making contact IF you want us to be and we also make a note of all correspondence via our support ticketing system. Our Compliance Team is at your disposal via your Compliance Rep who will perform work on your instructions. Most commonly this will be to make regular contact with both supplier admin and staff to ensure they are compliant in the system and with you to provide progress reports.

Spot Audits

A spot audit is performed to ensure that contractors are performing their work safely. Spot audits are critical for any site that wants to operate an effective contractor management program because it ensure that contractors are not only performing their work in accordance with your policies and procedures but also by their own company standards.

Spot audits ensure that workers are following their own JSA’s, SWMS, SOP’s and all those safety and quality documents that are written to demonstrate the procedures contractors follow while performing their work.

Performance Reviews

While a Spot Audit enables you to ensure Contractor Staff are performing their work compliantly Performance Reviews enable many managers at your site to evaluate various aspects of the contractors performance. Your Performance Reviews can be customised for your particular site and the Key Performance Indicators that are important to you.

The result of these reviews are all compiled in one central place so come review time you can act on the review information quickly. This can provide a solid productivity tool for your managers.

Compliance Reports

At any time Site Administrators can access a variety of reports that provide a high level view of the compliance status of your contractors. These reports include:

  • Credentials that are coming close to expiry or have expired
  • A list of all suppliers with expired credentials in red
  • Compliance Status of all Contractor Staff

Complete Compliance Solution

All of this information can be provided via the Compliance Cloud but when you combine the power of Site Connect and an Access Kiosk you can start to better control compliance once contractors are on your site.

Identify High Risk Activities of Contractors

Using the total EzyAccess Contractor Management System a contractor will only be able to sign in if they are fully compliant with their insurance and safety requirements. When they do sign in you’ll be able to ask specific questions about the reason for their visit and identify high risk work. If high risk work or activities will be occurring the contractor will need to follow your processes when signing in, enabling you to capture the important information you need for you own due diligence.

Notification Messages for Contractor Sign Ins

When a contractor has signed in, entered the information about the purpose of their visit and identified any high risk activities, you’ll receive a notification that that person has arrived as well as the information they have entered upon sign in so you’ll be able to contact them and let them know other tasks you have in mind or inform them about

Contractor Pro includes a system of checks that allows your organisation to perform the correct controls required depending on the tasks being performed. It comes with the Compliance Cloud as a no cost optional extra.

3 clicks to all compliance evidence

When one of your contracted suppliers signs into your site they are on your who’s onsite list in the EzyAccess Site Admin Dashboard. You can click on their name and view all of the important information about that person (including evidence of site induction and credentials like trade qualifications, white cards, licences etc). You can also see a history of their past visits and with one click you can see all of their companies credentials. Within 3 clicks you’ll see all of the information you need regarding your contractors.

Loan and Key Manager

If you choose to use this feature you can “Lock” a members sign in session. This is ideal if you want to manage the handing out of keys or other loan items. When you lock a sign in session that contractor cannot sign out using the kiosk and they are presented with a message that reminds them to see the site supervisor before signing out. Their sign in session can then be unlocked and they’ll be free to sign out and leave.

What if people don’t sign out?

Is it important to sign out? Many visitors are so used to have a lax manual visitor book that they only sign out if they are instructed by your staff to do so. With the EzyAccess Compliance System your contractors have a live “Score” that is determined by how often they sign out. If they sign out every time they sign in they’ll have a 100% score. If they don’t sign out our system logs that as a “Did not sign out” and lowers their access score. At any time your staff can inform that person that they need to ensure they sign out for safety reasons.

Sign in Messages

Not only will you receive notifications when a contractor signs in, but you can also ensure that your contractor receive messages when they sign in. If for example you have a preventative maintenance contract and know that someone from your lift company will be in every month and you have a small issue that you want sorted out next time they come in you can setup a Sign in message. This way that contractor will need to acknowledge that message before signing in as usual. Take care of the small details that would otherwise fill your head and stress you out and save money on meaningless but potentially costly small jobs.