Visitor Management

Printed-Visitor-BookPaper-based Visitor Books

Visitor management is the process of monitoring the usage of a building or site, by gathering information about specific visitors, the purpose of their visit, and the area of the facility they’re visiting. It’s usually designed to capture the details about contractors or professional service providers who aren’t members of staff and haven’t gone through the employee on-boarding process.

The most basic method for collecting this information is using a paper sign in sheet or visitor book, the inexpensive default system that’s been used by companies large and small for years and despite the new electronic technologies that are available many companies still use the good old visitor book at front reception.

Electronic Visitor Management Systems

contractor and sales rep compliance sign in kioskBusy sites have hundreds of visitors arriving and departing on a daily basis. For hospitals these visitors may include agency staff, locums, students, volunteers and trainee nurses visiting consistently, or on a casual basis, along with contractors undertaking regular or sporadic work, including high-risk work, at various sites.

Although our system was built with the hospital sector in mind, it is suitable for every site that needs to manage visitors like

  • Contractors,
  • Sales Representatives, and
  • Regular workers at your site who are not employees.

You can manage the movements of every visitor who comes to your workplace via our cloud-based Visitor Management System.

What can you see?

hospital visitor verification systemInformation can be customised dependent to your needs, however the most commonly requested information includes:

  • Time and purpose of visit
  • Completion of induction, where relevant
  • Insurances or appropriate business registrations etc (with Contractor Management)
  • Time when the visitor should be signed out by.

The EzyAccess Visitor Management System can provide you with reports detailing information such as the number of people who visited the site for a given time period and the amount of time they were signed in for etc. In fact the more you drill down into your visitor information the more you will discover that you’ve NEVER been able to do with a manual, paper-based visitor book.

Easy Upgrade to Full Contractor Compliance

The EzyAccess Visitor Management System ensures that your hospital or workplace captures all visitor sign ins so you have a record of who is onsite in case of a fire or emergency. If you want to explore the power of our Contractor Management System to help you also meet the strict Australian Work Health and Safety laws you’ll easily be able to invite your suppliers to upload all of their compliance documents online! In doing so, you can:

  • Improve site security and access control with the ability to see exactly who has signed in and where they have gone
  • Maintain safety standards for employees, patients and the general public, including in cases of emergency such as fire or other evacuation
  • Customise credentialing requirements depending on the site or nature of the work to maximise safety, efficiency and due diligence (for example, high-risk work) – the Visitor Management System links seamlessly with our Compliance Cloud Credentialing System.

Ease of Administration

There is no more manual record keeping — streamline your administrative processes and record keeping. Also:

  • Track and record how many visitors have signed in and which building/department they visited
  • Receive automated email messages and arrival alerts.
  • Pre-register visitors and they’ll be emailed their sign in pass
  • Visitors sign themselves in – less work for your staff

Quick and Easy Sign In          

The EzyAccess Kiosk enables visitors to sign in and receive a badge if they are fully compliant with your WH&S requirements. It also encourages visitors to sign out when they leave; hence the provision of more information about their visit.

Our easy-to-use kiosks:

  • Integrate seamlessly with our Compliance Cloud Credentialing System (all credentials are stored in the cloud)
  • Print a professional looking, clearly identifiable badge every time a visitor enters the workplace
  • Boost your safety management, empowering your staff to ask the question: “Don’t you need a badge to be in this area?”